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Our tight-knit team of construction professionals is backed by our in-house capability to survey and create grading plans that are delivered digitally to our field equipment. Our size keeps us focused on each job from start to finish and our technology gives us the capabilities of a much larger team.

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Current Job Openings

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator for operating a variety of equipment which may include: Excavator, Excavator with GPS, Tractors, bulldozer, Bulldozer with GPS, skid steer, roller, compactor.

What Clients Say...

It was important to us to feel that we were in a partnership with the contractor; with Strathmar, we felt we got good advice and they also listened to what we thought were good solutions for things.

I would heartily recommend Strathmar to anyone without a shadow of a doubt.

Chris Surgeoner

Ottawa Footy-Sevens

"A good excavating company is really critical to the success of a landscaping project. There's so much more to it than simply digging holes - accurate grading begins with the subgrade and progresses from there to ensure everything flows properly. Installing civil equipment is a critical component of many projects, and requires equally accurate grading. Strathmar took the entire project on, achieved all the finished grades and coordinated a number of sub trades to achieve the final finishes. In this case, they were crucial as the GC, but they would have been equally as crucial as an excavation and civil contractor."

Ryan Paliga, MLA, OALA, ISA

Lashley & Associates

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