Immaculata High School Track & Sports Field

We were hired by Ottawa Footy-Sevens to convert an existing natural turf football field and granular running track to artificial turf field and rubber running track. We also installed new lighting and football posts

Sports field - Excavated and disposed of existing turf, graded the subgrade with GPS dozer,  installed a liner, installed field drainage and granular base. The base was graded with laser guided box blade to achieve the required tight tolerances, subcontractor installed turf.

Running track- excavated existing granular base, subcontractor installed new curb on either side of the track, we installed new granular base using laser box blade to tight tolerances, then subcontractors installed asphalt and another subcontractor installed the rubber surfacing.

aerial view of sports field inside rubber running track at Immaculate High School in Ottawa
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What Clients Say...

Ottawa Footy Sevens contracted Strathmar to construct the new soccer field at Immaculata High School in 2018. In choosing the contractor, cost was key but we also considered the company’s reputation. We wanted to know we would be an important enough project to have the contractor's full attention, not be just another line item. It was important to us to feel that we were in a partnership with the contractor; with Strathmar, we felt we got good advice and they also listened to what we thought were good solutions for things.

Strathmar’s bid was realistic and well thought out; there were no predictable surprises or add-ons that should have been foreseen and priced into the project in the first place. The pricing was accurate and honest.

We had regular site meetings; they were very accessible and responsive. We’re very happy with the final project and the field has been used by thousands of kids and adults to play soccer and other sports.

Even though we’re a past client, we still feel we are a partner. When we needed some information recently, they got it to us quickly. They follow us on social media and I’ll see Denis retweet photos we’ve shared of the field they built; that shows they take pride in their work.

I would heartily recommend Strathmar to anyone, without a shadow of a doubt.

Chris Surgeoner

Ottawa Footy-Sevens

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