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Ottawa Golf Course Construction and Renovation

Excavation and grading contractor with golf course construction experience

golf course under construction showing driving range area surface prior to paving and target greensgolf course under construction showing graded surface with orange and black safety pylon in foreground

Experience makes all the difference when constructing golf greens

You don't want just any excavation contractor on the job when building a new golf course or renovating an existing golf facility.

We started our business in golf course construction. We have the experience when it comes to building and improving tee decks, greens and fairways. With our GPS guided excavators and bulldozers, Strathmar can precisely create your golf course designer's layout with exact contours.

At Strathmar, experience in golf course construction runs deep - our project manager began his career in golf operations and turf management, and one of our go-to subcontractors has extensive experience in golf course work.

Tee up the experts - contact Strathmar about your next golf course project.

Working with Strathmar is always outstanding. Carter’s got the mind for the onsite work and Cynthia puts the plans together, so they’re a full source company. At the end, they put together documentation with professional CAD drawings showing how everything was built.

What I enjoy most is the ease of working with Carter and his people. They don't make any project difficult. They truly do try to make it easier. And they're always accommodating in terms of times and days. They're just very pleasant people to work with. 

Phil Auger

The Marshes Golf Club

Include Strathmar on your next project

Strathmar uses the latest digital technology in landscape construction to deliver precisely graded surfaces efficiently, saving landscape architects and general contractors time, materials and money on the job site.