Snow and ice management for commercial properties

Don't let winter weather slow your business down.

tractor plowing snow in large parking lot in Ottawa
Snow is a fact of life in the Ottawa area. It needs to be cleared and managed in a timely fashion to keep your organization running as smoothly as possible. That's why you want Strathmar on the job.

Strathmar Landscape Construction has the equipment to clear large commercial and condominium parking lots or to move and remove tons of excess snow. We are always on call and we work through any weather to ensure a clear and safe parking experience for you, your employees, and your customers and residents.

We can prearrange the level of service you need so that you'll know exactly what to expect (except for the exact number of snowstorms - we're not THAT good!).

  • Snow plowing for commercial properties including condominiium parking lots
  • Snow removal
  • Salt and grit application

tractor with snowblower attached in front of huge pile of snow in Ottawa

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Winter happens in Ottawa. Keep your tenants and employees safe.