Parks & Public Spaces

Outdoor spaces build strong communities

Parks are a vital part of a thriving community, where we gather with friends and family, connect with our neighbours and enjoy physical activities.

playground in Ottawa's Calzavara Family Park showing swings, slide and walking pathlow-to-the-ground view of grass with a fenced sportsfield in background, at sunset

Get the grading experts on your team!

Strathmar has a long history of building outdoor spaces, from our work with splash pads and playgrounds to golf courses and sports fields to equestrian facilities.

Urban and suburban parks often combine several of these elements and we are proud to have worked on a number of Ottawa-region park projects over the past 10+ years.

Constructing a public space can be challenging, but it's a challenge we embrace. While everyone enjoys a project that goes smoothly with no unexpected surprises, Strathmar excels at devising innovative solutions to landscape construction issues.

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"A good excavating company is really critical to the success of a landscaping project. There's so much more to it than simply digging holes - accurate grading begins with the subgrade and progresses from there to ensure everything flows properly. Installing civil equipment is a critical component of many projects, and requires equally accurate grading. Strathmar took the entire project on, achieved all the finished grades and coordinated a number of sub trades to achieve the final finishes. In this case, they were crucial as the GC, but they would have been equally as crucial as an excavation and civil contractor."

Ryan Paliga, MLA, OALA, ISA

Lashley & Associates

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Strathmar uses the latest digital technology in landscape construction to deliver precisely graded surfaces efficiently, saving landscape architects and general contractors time, materials and money on the job site.