Calzavara Family Park

In 2015, Strathmar was the successful bidder on the Calzavara Family Park project, located in Ottawa's Hunt Club neighbourhood.

We removed the existing play equipment, and then installed new dry play equipment - 2 play structures (junior and senior) and swings, park benches, concrete curb, fencing, trees, relocated the light standards, sub surface drainage, asphalt pathways and a splash pad.

Splashpad play area surrounded by benches in Calzavara Family Park in Ottawa, with a gazebo and grassy field in the background.
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What Clients Say...

"In over ten years of working with Strathmar, we have consistently been impressed with their work. Right from our first introduction, they asked questions at a high technical level and demonstrated they understood the scope of the project. It’s always a huge relief for us when Strathmar is the successful bidder on a job."

Maryanne Swinimer

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