Commercial & Industrial

Considering a commercial or industrial landscaping project?

Whether you're in the planning stage or going to tender, Strathmar can help you get the job done right.

gravel parking lot and concrete loading pads in front of loading doors of industrial buildingexcavator placing sections of concrete retaining wall blocks in place in a trench, with a worker in safety clothing and hardhat ensuring correct placement

Construction Administrators love us!

Our team makes your project go smoothly. From onsite surveys and grading plans through construction to finish grading, Strathmar's landscape construction pros will provide consistent communication, high quality work and invoicing that's clear.

During the tendering process, we'll consider typical issues that often arise to avoid foreseeable cost overruns. Excavation can turn up unexpected problems, which is when you'll be glad that Strathmar is on your job - one of the comments we most often hear is about the innovative solutions we bring to unexpected construction surprises. Before we present a newly discovered problem, we'll have already considered how to solve it as a team.

Parking lots, loading docks and other grading projects

A wet, rutted parking lot and unstable loading area is more than inconvenient, it can be a liability to your business. Talk to Strathmar about grading for correct drainage and surfacing the area around your building, include constructing loading dock pads.

Include Strathmar on your next project

Strathmar uses the latest digital technology in landscape construction to deliver precisely graded surfaces efficiently, saving landscape architects and general contractors time, materials and money on the job site.