Precision Grading for Better Results in Landscape Construction

Strathmar uses intelligent machine control systems to deliver precise and accurate land levelling and shaping for parks and sports fields, arenas, agriculture and warehouse construction.

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Precision grading is vital for projects where drainage is critical such as sports fields, large industrial buildings, splash pads, riding rings, and agriculture.

Save time and money with precision grading

Whether you are involved in park or running track construction, building a horse riding ring, or improving drainage on your agricultural fields, Strathmar’s precision grading services will help you achieve accurate results efficiently.

Intelligent machine control helps you save money in several ways.

  1. With GPS- and laser-guided systems, we do not require an additional worker on the jobsite to check grades as we work.
  2. We can complete grading work in fewer passes, allowing your project to move forward to the next phase more quickly.
  3. At Strathmar, our experienced staff handle all aspects of mapping and creating the grading plan using up-to-date digital technology to simplify and streamline delivery of your project.

2-D and 3-D Surface Grading

Strathmar Landscape Construction has the ability to grade two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces with machine control including, but not limited to:

  • Artificial turf fields
  • Natural turf fields
  • Golf-tee decks
  • Contour grading
  • Greenhouse floors
  • Parking lots
  • Horse rings and arenas
  • Roads and highways
  • Base for retaining walls
  • Granular base for concrete slabs. Indoor & outdoor
  • Any area that needs to be graded to tight tolerances

How does machine control work?

Since the mid-1990s, GPS data and sensors have been used to control earth moving machinery to determine geographic coordinates and assess grade. Sensors are mounted on bulldozers and excavators to record grade breaks, elevations, and slopes as the machine moves along, and that data is used by the computer to make sure the next pass is executed accurately in terms of depth and trajectory.

Strathmar uses Komatsu equipment with Intelligent Machine Control, which allows a dozer to learn the existing terrain, mapping the ground with each pass and spreading materials in layers. From quick surface creation to compaction to finish grading, machine control delivers efficiency to your job site.

Strathmar has also invested in laser-guided systems, allowing us to do precision grading where GPS can't go, such as indoor riding rings, industrial buildings and sports arenas.

Complete land grading plans created in-house and delivered in the field

Strathmar is a one-stop shop for precision grading services. After initial survey and mapping, our in-house team can create a grading plan and machine control files. The files are then loaded into the equipment allowing the operator to start work right away without the need of extra field staff.

Finish Grading and Equipment Rentals

Sometimes you don't need us for your entire project but want the accuracy of precision grading for your finish grading. Talk to Strathmar about bringing us on for the final stage of your grading project or renting our equipment and operator by the day.

See Equipment Rentals for more information.

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What Clients Say...

It was important to us to feel that we were in a partnership with the contractor; with Strathmar, we felt we got good advice and they also listened to what we thought were good solutions for things.

I would heartily recommend Strathmar to anyone without a shadow of a doubt.

Chris Surgeoner

Ottawa Footy-Sevens

Working with Strathmar is always outstanding. Carter’s got the mind for the onsite work and Cynthia puts the plans together, so they’re a full source company. At the end, they put together documentation with professional CAD drawings showing how everything was built.

What I enjoy most is the ease of working with Carter and his people. They don't make any project difficult. They truly do try to make it easier. And they're always accommodating in terms of times and days. They're just very pleasant people to work with. 

Phil Auger

The Marshes Golf Club

Need precision grading on your project?

Strathmar Landscape Construction is the only Ottawa excavation company specializing in precision grading. Get tight tolerance grading on your next project.