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GPS and laser-guided precision grading lets Strathmar provide a better surface for outdoor and indoor sports activities

sports field and running track built by Strathmar for Ottawa Footy Sevens at Immaculata high school in ottawaview of Napanee high school long jump pit with sand in foreground and asphalt running lane stretching into background

Precision grading for sports facility construction

It takes a special touch and the right equipment to prepare and grade a surface for a sports facility. Poor drainage and an unstable subsurface can shorten your season outdoors and jeopardize the health and safety of your athletes. That's why it pays to have Strathmar Landscape Construction on your project.

We have the laser and GPS guided bulldozers, excavators and box blades to reach the tightest tolerances needed for a safe and usable surface, whether for track and field, ball sports or indoor surfaces.

Natural and synthetic turf sports fields

We have built surfaces for both natural and synthetic turf, asphalt courts and long jump pits in the Ottawa area and other Eastern Ontario locations. And thanks to our laser-guided grading systems, we can even handle indoor applications such as arena pad replacements and equestrian rings where GPS can't reach.

Talk to Strathmar about your next sports facility construction project.

Ottawa Footy Sevens contracted Strathmar to construct the new soccer field at Immaculata High School in 2018...Strathmar’s bid was realistic and well thought out; there were no predictable surprises or add-ons that should have been foreseen and priced into the project in the first place. The pricing was accurate and honest. We had regular site meetings; they were very accessible and responsive.

I would heartily recommend Strathmar to anyone, without a shadow of a doubt.

Chris Surgeoner

Ottawa Footy Sevens

Include Strathmar on your next project

Strathmar uses the latest digital technology in landscape construction to deliver precisely graded surfaces efficiently, saving landscape architects and general contractors time, materials and money on the job site.