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What Clients Say...

We chose to work with Strathmar because Carter’s an awesome guy to work with. I’d worked with him before in various industries and knew that he had the expertise to do the drainage work and riding ring construction we needed. Our expectations are exceeded every time he works for us. He brings great ideas. He’s intrinsically involved in the ongoing development of our project.

When we were building the riding rings at Wesley Clover Parks, we brought in a fellow who has provided footing for world level equestrian shows. Carter suggested a really innovative way to build rings that was faster to build and less expensive than the traditional way; it’s worked very, very well for us.

Carter's knowledge of drainage is outstanding and he always has practical solutions. It doesn't necessarily have to be a highly technical solution, but he's a very practical thinker. He's very much about doing things right the first time and thinking about the long-term goals of the company. He builds things that are easy to build and functional, but can also last forever. 

We started renovating one of the rings and it turned out to have been built on three feet of imported clay and there was no way to really stabilize it. So we had to essentially build a ring on top of a water bed of clay; Carter came up with a good way to do it that gave us drainage and still provided us with a ring. 

Working with Strathmar is always outstanding. Carter’s got the mind for the onsite work and Cynthia puts the plans together, so they’re a full source company. At the end, they put together documentation with professional CAD drawings showing how everything was built.

What I enjoy most is  the ease of working with Carter and his people. They don't make any project difficult. They truly do try to make it easier. And they're always accommodating in terms of times and days. They're just very pleasant people to work with. 

Carter is honestly one of the best people I've ever worked with. He's just the nicest guy and he really, truly pours his heart and soul into every single project he touches. It doesn't matter how little it is. As he's working, he notices details that need correcting that aren’t even part of the project and he fixes them because it's the right thing to do. He’s a class act all the way.

Phil Auger

Wesley Clover Parks, The Marshes Golf Club

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