Agricultural Earthwork Services

Machine controlled precision grading, excavation and site preparation for farms of all sizes

tractor in field pulling a GPS-controlled device to level the ground for better drainagebulldozer working to spread soil to level a field

Agricultural land levelling: Improved drainage control for agriculture

In a year with a wet spring, farmers can be delayed with sowing crops by weeks or months due to water pooling on fields. Increase field productivity with better surface drainage. Precision graded land levelling lets water drain away instead of pooling, allowing you to work your fields earlier and protect your crops from mid-season flood damage.

Farm structure site preparation

Building a new barn or outbuilding? Contact Strathmar during your planning process to develop an appropriate drainage and grading plan. Our precision excavation and grading equipment allows us to deliver precisely graded surfaces ready for concrete; we can handle all aspects of building your base from excavation, installing drainage, supplying stone, compacting and supervising concrete subcontractors.

Brush clearing services

Expanding a field or eliminating old trees between fields? Contact Strathmar for efficient brush clearing in the Ottawa area.

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Strathmar uses the latest digital technology in landscape construction to deliver precisely graded surfaces efficiently, saving landscape architects and general contractors time, materials and money on the job site.